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Idol Wave 2008
Idol Wave 2008
Miss Cris would like to thank her Ottawa Idols Tonya Karkache,
Amanda Nantsios, Patrick Potvin, Ashley Walker, Gabrielle Gendron,
Sophia Pantuso, James Keith and Greg Delmage
for starring in this years summer production of
Miss Cris presents Idol Wave 2008.

Idol Wave 2008 Highlight Reel

Filmed and edited by Mr. Bryan Shailer

A Special thank you to Miss Cris' Protege's
Marc Chretien, Chantal Mallette, Mariah Michaud and Tiffany Mallette
who took part in the Idol Wave production at Super Ex 2008.
All of the Idols performances were superb and made Miss Cris so proud.
And a very special thank you to Mike Forbes, our production manager.

Stay Tuned for more Exciting Events from Miss Cris...
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